Photo Finish: Why Your Gift Business Should Offer Custom Framing

20 November 2017
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It can be difficult to decide how to expand your range of services as a small business owner.  You don't want to take a big risk on something that won't sell, but equally, you need something that will help you to stand out from the crowd and draw in more customers.  One thing you should absolutely consider is custom picture framing.  You'll take clients' most treasured memories and help to preserve them in a beautiful customised frame. Read More 

Three Unique Alternatives to Regular Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

25 September 2017
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Do you hear the word 'jigsaw' and roll your eyes? Does the thought of completing a 1000 piece puzzle fill you with horror? If so, you clearly haven't explored all the unique options out there. There are plenty of puzzles that are a lot more fun than piecing together that painting of a fruit bowl for the tenth time...  Keep reading for three fun, unique alternatives to regular jigsaw puzzles. These puzzles make great gifts for kids, adults and teens, and there are plenty of different difficulty levels available. Read More