3 reasons to choose custom picture framing for your artwork

21 November 2019
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Are you a keen amateur painter or cross-stitcher, building a collection of pictures that you would like to display? Perhaps you are a photographer looking for a way to showcase your work? Whatever you want to display, custom picture framing can be a great way to help demonstrate your talents or highlight what is important to you. Why leave your work stacked on the floor or hidden away behind the sofa? With a little work, you can find the ideal frame to show it off to the best advantage. Here are three reasons that you should investigate custom picture framing rather than purchasing a pre-made frame from your local shop.

1. Find the perfect frame size

Using custom picture framing allows you to create a work of art in any size you want. If you visit your local retailer, you will quickly discover that picture frames are only available in a few standard sizes. In some cases, you may find what you need, but not every subject lends itself to a standard size. Perhaps you have been working on a sweeping landscape masterpiece that demands a canvas larger than most commonly available frame sizes? Alternatively, perhaps you have been focusing on intimate miniatures that need smaller frames than you can normally find. By opting for custom picture framing, you can find a frame that fits your work, no matter what size it may be.

2. Find the perfect frame style

At most retailers, the available frame styles are very limited. You may be able to choose between plain wood, gold and perhaps a few other colours. The styles of the frame will probably show little variation and may not suit the subject of your artwork. Working with a professional framing company will let you choose a frame that really matches your work. If you have something special in mind, then talk to them, and they will be able to design a custom frame that shows off your work of art.

3. Find the perfect mount

The mount is a frequently overlooked part of the framing process. Using the right colour, texture and shape of mount can make the difference between an outstanding display and something that just looks ordinary. Discuss with the custom picture framing company what the mount for your picture should look like. If you aren't certain which colour would look most effective, then don't be afraid to ask for suggestions. The framing company will have worked with many similar pictures and will have a solid grasp of how the various components of the custom frame will interact to produce the final effect.